Third Grade Solar System Project

Project Due Date is February 27

Objective: Student will make a poster and write a research paper detailing information about a planet he or she has chosen from the Solar System.
Guidelines (must be followed exactly): Research and the paper will be done at school. When research is complete, it will be sent home for student to make a poster that depicts his or her chosen planet. Poster board must not be any larger than 14”X22”. No tri-folds are allowed.
Poster must include:

___ Name of planet across the top

___ Hand drawn picture of planet in center

___ Three additional pictures

___ The following facts

It is the ____planet from the sun. It is _____kilometers from the sun.
Does my planet have rings? If yes, how many?
Does my planet have moons? If yes, how many?
The temperature on my planet is ________.
My planet is between _________ and ____________.
My planet is an inner/outer planet.
Five additional facts about the planet.